Confidence on Camera

On camera coaching

Today’s media driven world provides companies and individuals more opportunities than ever to get their message out there. But when the cameras go live it’s your reputation on the line. At one time a bad interview might have been aired once on News at Ten; now audiences can select to view it time and time again on line.

Siân’s years of experience as a TV presenter and coach means
she is perfectly placed to coach individuals and groups on how best to come across on camera. Whether it’s a TV interview you are preparing for, a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your screen test right, or an on-camera testimonial or message to staff, she can coach you to get your message across confidently. She will work with you on what you say and, as research has found more importantly, how you say it, whether it’s ad-libbed, scripted or relayed via autocue. On camera confidence is vital in ensuring your audience see you as credible, compelling and charismatic. Siân can help you achieve this when you are in the camera spotlight; whether you are an experienced pundit or a complete novice.

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