Voice Over

Confidence vocally

Authoritative, energetic vocal delivery in everyday communications is essential. Research shows that people fail to engage with a dull, flat, monotone voice, let alone remember the key messages. Siân has over fifteen years experience in the voice over spotlight, delivering promos, comedy continuity links, DVD’s as well as corporate videos and educational books.

Over the years, her tones have been described as natural, authoritative, warm, smooth and humorous. Siân has voiced promos for BBC One and was the daytime continuity voice for UKTV Gold & Living TV for three years, writing and recording links. She narrates “Rock”-u-mentary DVD’s and CD’s on a regular basis. Amy Winehouse, Green Day, U2, Babyshambles, Queen, Eminem, The Beatles, Usher, Muse, Oasis, Kate Bush, Placebo and Syd Barrett are just a handful of the artists she has covered.