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Web Presenter Training for webcasts, webinars and video conferences

How to be a great on line web presenter

Web casts and webinars can never replace face-to-face communications but they are now very much part of day-to-day business life. Many of us join them reluctantly and are unsure of what’s required both technically and physically when delivering them ourselves.
Do you have the vocal energy and impact to engage participants from the start, do your slides tell the story, is there enough interactivity through polls videos and quizzes to keep your sometimes invisible audience engaged? Are they still with you at the conclusion?

Siân’s extensive experience ranges to working with clients using all in house solutions; whether it’s Webex, Connect, or Go To Meeting, Contiki or any number of others. You may only appear in a tiny box on screen or not be seen at all but there’s still the opportunity to pack a punch, grab and hold audience attention, sound powerful, natural, genuine and tell the story every time you present on line. Intensive coaching is delivered face to face or live on line.

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