Communicating in the Spotlight Courses

The courses we offer are unique and wide ranging, helping you shine in the spotlight wherever it might be. Take a look at the ones and offer and see which one is right for you.

On Camera Confidence

Ever felt you looked like a rabbit in the headlights when you heard the words “Rolling?” Natural, effortless on camera presence is hard to achieve if you are not used to delivering your messages through a lens.

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Spotlight on Stage

Being able to deliver a compelling and credible speech or presentation is vital in this day and age.

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In the On Line Spotlight

We know web conferences; web casts and webinars provide the opportunity for you to reach a potential audience of thousands instantly.

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Spotlight on Speeches

There’s only one thing tougher than writing a speech – and that’s having to sit through a bad one.

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In the Media Spotlight

Confidence when dealing with the media is essential to help ensure you get your messages across credibly and in a memorable way.

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Spotlight on Crisis

Your reaction during a crisis can make or break you and your company’s reputation.

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Spotlight on Voice

It is said that in life you have 7 seconds to make an impression, good or otherwise and your voice plays a huge part in that decision-making.

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Spotlight on Pitching

We can’t guarantee you the business but we can help you be as powerful, persuasive and prominent in people’s minds when the Spotlight is on you and the pitch.

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Spotlight on Storytelling

People love stories and research shows they have a profound effect on our brains and our behavior.

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Spotlight on Autocue

This course ensures you are at your very best when you use the autocue ensuring seamless delivery, prompted in the spotlight.

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