Business Meetings

Business Meeting Facilitation: Face to Face

Time spent in business meetings can be costly if not well utilised. Siân works for many companies as a neutral professional who can come into an organisation and facilitate business meetings large and small, quickly winning the trust of the group and supporting them to work through their objectives until clarity is achieved.

She helps sales teams brainstorm new ideas in workshop settings, senior management to develop key messages for corporate communications, provides help where there are complex strategic issues to consider or problems to be solved, asks pertinent questions hitherto unaddressed, assists when teams need to review and take stock of progress and challenges when people need to be involved and engaged in the process from vision to realisation.

The benefits of an objective mediator are huge, enabling people involved on the day not to get bogged down by internal company politics and instead focus on the bigger picture. As a business facilitator Siân motivates teams into action, maintains the energy and pace of the group, keeps people focussed on their objectives, maximises participation whilst maintaining a sense of enjoyment for all involved.