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There’s only one thing tougher than writing a speech – and that’s having to sit through a bad one. From Aristotle to Churchill and from Shakespeare to Martin Luther King, there are key elements that every speech needs in order for it to grab the audience’s attention, to hold it and then to engage and persuade them. Whether you need to inspire, motivate or warn, our speech writing service will help you find the right words to achieve your goal.

Speech writing training

Writing an effective speech presentation is something every professional person will have to do, at least once in his or her lives. But finding the right words, developing the right structure and establishing the right tone is not easy. Our speech writing courses show you how great speechwriters use psychology and a sense of theatre to grab their audiences’ attention and make sure they were remembered long after the event. Whether you’re pitching for business, persuading the board to invest in your project or simply introducing your services to a new audience you’ll be well equipped to create a killer presentation or speech.

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