Corporate / Web Presenter

Confidence on camera, on line

Confident delivery when addressing an internal audience on line or in house for corporate videos has never been more important and Siân’s presenting style reflects itself well for these communications. Her down to earth, lively approach ensures audiences are readily engaged in the message whilst enjoying the programme as a whole. Siân’s corporate presenting work extends itself to a huge variety of audiences and sectors including pharmaceutical companies, charities and banks. Whether you are a member of the jury service unsure of what to expect in the days to come, a member of staff embracing change within your organization or a new sales team anticipating a new product, Siân communicates the message with energy, naturalness and clarity. In 2016 Siân has delivered corporate communications for Astra Zeneca, Barnett & Barnett Solicitors, HSBC, BMT, Wyevale and BAA.