Spotlight on Autocue

One of main tools of TV, webcasts and increasingly conference presentation, is the autocue — a machine that scrolls text over the camera lens for you to read.

Autocue is a great tool for delivering important key note presentations when you have to be word perfect. However, it can be daunting for the novice faced with this technology for the first time and the result can be wooden or rushed. This course ensures you are at your very best when you use the autocue ensuring seamless delivery, prompted in the spotlight.

We can help you:

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  • To understand the elements needed for autocue presentation
  • To engage with the audience via autocue
  • To practice reading with autocue
  • To achieve natural delivery through pitch, pace, pause and passion
  • About other vocal factors – tone, intonation, gravitas and humour
  • About body language and effective gesturing
  • How to write and read your own script with ease: punctuation, phonetics and casing
  • How to operate the autocue yourself
  • To understand the role of the autocue operator
  • What to do when your equipment lets you down
  • How to combine autocue with hard copy


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